Born in Israel. Works in Israel, Berlin, and Japan
Work Experience, Residencies & Grants



1973- 1977 Hamidrasha School of Art, Ramat Hasharon

1978- 2002  Lecturer at the Midrasha Faculty of Art, Beit Ber

1984- 2014 Independent curator of Israeli and International Art 

1992- 2014 Various exhibitions and curatorial projects in Japan 

1995 Participated in the International Sympoium of Paper Art in Kyoto

2003- 2004 Residency Grant- 'Cite' Internationale Des Arts, Paris 

2004– 2011 Committee Member of the Israel- Japan Friendship Society

Independent Curator



1984 Soft and Hard, travelling exhibition in Israel

1987 Landscape Structures, Herzliya Museum, Israel

1988 40 From Israel, Brooklin Museum, New York (cat.)

1990 Boundary of Peace, Israeli-Palestinian Art Encounter, Givat Haviva

1991 Makom, Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan,  (cat.)

1991 Place and Mainstream- Israel Contemporary Sculpture, Hara Museum, Tokyo

1992 The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea

1996 Nature, Material, and Image, Contemporary Art from Japan, Artists House, Jerusalem

1997-2003 Curator of 'The Other Gallery’, Talpiot Collage, Tel Aviv

2000 Empathy, galerie im Korner Park , Berlin (cat ) .

2001 Empathy , the Villa , contemporary art center , Tel-aviv .

2002 Empathy , Fujikawa gallery / next , Osaka , Japan .

2007 Christian Rothmann-  You and Me?,  Gal-on Art Space ,Tel-Aviv

2010 Nachbarn / Neighbours, Korner Park Gallery, Berlin (cat.)

2012 Tanada Koji– Domination and Submission, Artists House, Tel Aviv

2014 Neighbors, Tokyo Art Museum (TAM), Tokyo

2014 Chamber of Otherwordly Delights, Plaza Galery, Tokyo

2010 - present

2010 - present



1982 Anatomy Shinar Gallery, Tel-Aviv (cat.)

1986 Perishing Monuments, Kibbutz Art Gallery,  Jaffa

1987 Soft Edge, Stov Gallery, Amsterdam

1989 Victory Hill, Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel-Aviv (cat.)

1993 Shell & Well, The Corine Maman Museum, Ashdod (cat.)

1993 New Works, Za-moca foundation, Tokyo

1994 Japanese Diary, Municipal Art Gallery, Raanana (cat.)

1994 Paper Shell Infromuse, Tokyo, (cat.) 

1994 Seeds and Fertility Channels, Kibutz Kabry and Tiveon’s Gallery

1995 Vessels, Central Museum, Lodz and Art Academi Poznan, Poland

1996 Saturation- The Association of Visual Art, Artists House, Jerusalem

1997 Hieronymus Garden, Art House, Neues Asahi, Gunma (cat.)

1997 Water, Informuse Gallery, Tokyo (cat.)

1998 Nature Morte, The Constant Art Gallery, Ramat Gan (cat.)

1999 Index, Many H. Gallery, Neve Zedek, Tel Aviv (cat.)

2000 Hieronymus' Garden/ Panoramic landscapes, The Artist Residence, Herzelia (cat.)

2002 Paper Frescos, The Center for Performing Arts, Tel Aviv

2002 Architecture Vert et Deja– Vu, The Cite Art Gallery, Paris 

2003 Faximilias (Hommage to Saraievo Hagada), Beit Michal, Rechovot

2003 Bundels, Hachava Gallery for Art and Design, Holon 

2004 Earth, The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan (cat.)

2005 The Opsimistic Urn, Museum of Art, Ein –Harod

2007 The Burden of Earth/ 40 Years Photography, Artists House, Tel Aviv

2007 Mess Media– Digital Orientation, Beit Berl

2008 Randomality- Paper & Photograhpy, Gal-on Art Space, Tel- aviv

2012 Sabi: Painting- Photo and the Spectrum in Between, Artist House,Tel aviv

Selected Solo Exhibitions
Selected Group Exhibitions

1981 Sculpture Processes, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv

1983 Triennale of Israeli Graphics, Haifa Museum, Haifa (cat.)

1984 Soft and Hard, Travelling exhibition in Israel

1987 Landscape Structures, Herzliya Museum, Herzliya

1988 40 From Israel, Brooklyn Museum, NY (cat).

1990 Israel State of the Art, Barbican Center, London

1990 Print Today, Artists House, Tel Aviv (cat.)

1991 Makom. Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat-Gan (cat.)

1991 Place and Mainstream, Israel Contemprorary Sculpture, Hara Museum Arc, Japan

1992 Place and Mainstream, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea (cat.)

1992 The 11th Imadate Exhibition of Contemporary Paper, Japan (cat.) (awarded)

1992 Curators of Israeli Art, Conforti Gallery, Jaffa (cat.)

1994 The 5th International Biennale of Paper Art, Leopold Hoesch Museum, Duren, Germany (cat.)

1995 Tannan Art Festival, Takefu, Japan (cat.)

1996 Women Beyond Borders, International travelling exhibtion

1996 Zen in Israeli Art, The Froum of the Museums, Israel (cat.)

1996 The Paper Road, Communication Today, Copenhagen (cat.)

1997 The 4th Sculpture Bienalle- Humanism 2020, Ein Hod, Israel (cat.)

1998 Earth, Youth Wing, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

2000 Paper Works, Santa Maria della Scalla, Siena, Italy (cat.)

2000 Empathy, The Villa Contemporary Art Center, Tel Aviv

2002 Believe A Day Will Come, Jewish / Palestinian art exhibition, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv and Um el Fahm Art Gallery

2002 Empathy– Art, Gender and Politics, Fujikawa Next gallery, Osaka

2004 Ouverture, White Elefant Art Gallery, Paris

2004 Paper Road Heading East, Jeonju, Korea

2007 The Desert Generation- 40 Years, Artists House, Jerusalem, and The Kibutz Gallery, Tel Aviv

2008 Material and Immaterial– Paper Art in Israel, Eretz Israel museum, Tel Aviv

2010 Neighbors– Korner Park Gallery, Berlin

2011 Bread & Roses, Fundraiser benefit sale, Tel Aviv

2014 Neighbors, Tokyo Art Museum, Tokyo